Technology for Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester is right here

Brook’s comments come as newly re-elected mayor Andy Burnham is poised to begin moves to comply with a government directive which says Greater Manchester must have a Category C Clean Air Zone. It is expected to be introduced from spring 2022.
Vans, buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet emission standards would pay a daily charge to travel in the zone. Private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not included.
The Clean Air Zone is designed to improve air quality by encouraging upgrades to cleaner vehicles. It is not the same as a Congestion Charge Zone, where all or most vehicles are charged to drive.
4Sight’s team of 25 highly qualified scientists have developed imaging software which overcomes the limitations of current automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR).
Our solution uses single CCTV cameras which can view vehicles across up to six lanes of traffic.
We are keen to work with other organisations in the highways surveillance sector to get the best solution for Greater Manchester and our message to Mr Burnham and other city mayors in the north is to look at us and other firms like us as an option.
Brook comments, “There’s been a lot said by politicians in recent years about the Northern Powerhouse. If they mean it, they should be looking at the expertise in their own back yard.
“Many of our technologists have come from Manchester and Liverpool universities and others across the north.
“Greater Manchester is known to have a highly skilled digital community. Why not use it?”